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Welcome to Mercy College Belfast.

As a school founded on the principals of the Mercy Order, we are inspired by the vision of Catherine McAuley, who founded the Religious Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy in 1831, and the teaching and example of Jesus Christ. Our aim is to ensure that each and every pupil in our care is able to reach their full potential and that they have a pathway to success in life.

We welcome children from all ethnic, religious and social backgrounds, to create a genuine shared future, where difference and diversity are welcomed as enriching the holistic development and growth of all pupils.
Mercy College is a community within which both pupils and staff feel valued and where everyone works co-operatively and with mutual respect in the pursuit of excellence. It is a self-evaluating school where pupils are challenged to achieve their full potential academically, physically, socially and spiritually. We offer a full and varied curriculum and extra-curricular activities which provides our pupils with a unique experience during their post-primary years. Teachers recognise each pupil’s individual needs and address them through a variety of effective learning and teaching styles.

We are working with our Board of Governors, Flax Trust, CCMS, the Educational Task Group, parents, other educational institutions, the parishes and community to ensure that North Belfast retains a secondary level school; we continue to work tirelessly for the building of a new co-educational school on the former St. Gabriel’s site.

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About Mercy College.

Pupils are the heart & soul of Mercy College Belfast. Every year we welcome many new pupils from the surrounding area whilst at the same time say goodbye to our senior girls as they head off to their new careers or further education.

At Mercy College, we believe it is our duty to uncover and nurture every pupil’s unique skills and areas of interest.

A direct consequence of this is the caring and supportive environment that is apparent in every aspect of school life at Mercy College.

Pupils at Mercy receive the best teaching and advice as they progress with their studies; we like to encourage a school life that is rich with education, but also has room for fun and enjoyment along the way.

The school has many extra curricular activities for pupils to explore and discover the areas of interest best suited to their own individual skills.



Why Mercy College?

Mercy College, under the trusteeship and management of the Sisters of Mercy, provides for girls from the ages of eleven to nineteen. Faithful to the Mercy tradition, the school aims to develop each child to her full potential and in every aspect of her being, with emphasis placed on leading by example.

It is based on the acceptance of the uniqueness and dignity of each pupil. The long tradition of providing a relevant and effective education for young girls, which Mother McAuley started in 1840, is promoted by a caring and dedicated staff who ensure each pupil receives the very best education which we can offer. Staff and pupils work together in a happy environment to contribute to the enrichment of each person.

Great care is taken to effect a smooth transition from primary to secondary school and an excellent pastoral care programme supports the child throughout her school career.

The teachers work hard and the school is exceptionally well resourced to meet the demands of the curriculum.

In conclusion, the school aims to provide our pupils with a positive, loving and caring atmosphere. We hope that our pupils leave us well equipped to cope with the demands of the modern world. Most of all, we hope that they leave us as discerning young adults with a sense of social responsibility coupled with an active responsiveness to human needs.



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