2017 - 18

SMT Senior Management Team

Mr M. Moreland
Mrs A. St Clare
Vice Principal
Mrs F. McLaughlin
Assistant Principal for Curriculum
Mrs S. Clerkin
Assistant Principal for Pastoral Care

Child Protection Team

Mrs S. Clerkin
Designated Teacher for Child Protection
Miss S. McKernan
Ms A. Liddy
Mr S. Billings
Mrs N. McDonnell
Child Protection Governor, B.O.G.


Pastoral Care Team

Mrs S. Clerkin
Head of Pastoral care
Mrs M. Magee
Head of Year 8
Mrs D. Burns
Head of Year 9
Mr M. Cushnahan
Head of Year 10
Mr J. Shevlin
Head of Year 11
Mr S. Billings
Head of Year 12
Mrs A Devlin
Head of Form 6