The school canteen is ‘cashless’, in other words no money is taken when your child is served. There are many advantages of the cashless system, the main one being that it allows the pupils to move through the queue in the canteen quicker.

Your child will only need to place their finger on a reader in the canteen and the cashless computer system will recognise it and access her account. They will then be able to purchase items and the cost will be automatically deducted from their account balance.

They will be able to top up their account, using cash, in a machine outside the canteen. Those pupils entitled to free lunches have their account topped up automatically; they can add additional funds, e.g. for breaktime, to their account on the machine if you so wish.

hot items

* One per customer
** Individual portion price when not served as part of meal of the day
*** Cakes and biscuits only served as part of a meal
Prices may vary