Pupils are expected at all times to behave in a respectful, polite and gracious manner to members of staff, visitors,
and members of the public and to each other.
These rules are designed to enable staff and pupils to work together in an environment which is happy, positive and enriching.
It is hoped that pupils will develop self-discipline and make it unnecessary to use sanctions to enforce these rules.

We come to school on time and ready to learn.
We will be in registration for 8.50am.
We will be on time for every lesson.
We will bring the right equipment for every lesson.
We will be fully prepared for all lessons.
We will not be out of class without a teacher’s permission.
We respect and care for ourselves, others and property.
We look after school equipment.
We listen to others when they are speaking.
We leave other people’s belongings alone.
We always remember our manners.
We will be kind to others.
We play safely and allow others to join in.

We always try to do our best.
We will attempt all activities/tasks given.
We will continue our learning outside the classroom.
We will try to get involved in after-school activities to promote and support our learning and develop new skills and qualities
We listen and take turns to speak
We will listen attentively to the teacher so that we will know what to do.
We will make positive contributions to our learning.
We will speak respectfully.
We will listen to others.
We will contribute to the pupil voice to promote our learning and ensure our school environment is a happy one for all of us.

We move quietly and carefully around the school.
We will walk at all times indoors.
We will move around the school without pushing or shoving.
We walk on the left on the corridors and stairs.
We will not wear earphones on the corridor.
When we arrive at a classroom we line up.
We will ensure our appearance is appropriate for school.
We will wear our full school uniform with pride in school,to and from school and on school trips.
We will project a positive image of Mercy College.
We will follow the school’s policies on uniform.

We will comply with all health and safety rules
We will not bring any banned/forbidden substances (eg. cigarettes, e-cigarettes, substances, matches or lighters) to school.
We will not bring Tippex, solvents or aerosols to school.
We will not smoke in school or travelling to and from school.
We will behave on the school bus and wear our seatbelts to protect ourselves and others.
We will comply with all school policies on use of mobile phone and technology.