The transition from primary to post primary education has been noted as a critical educational step for many children.

Transfer is a time of triple transition as pupils negotiate the move from childhood to adolescence, from one institutional context to another (with different regulations, teacher demands and teacher expectations) and the journey from established social groups into new social relations.

In recent years the effects of transition from primary to post primary school have been of particular interest to educationalists due to reports that many children in their 1st year of post primary school regressed in major parts of their education.

Overall Project:
The Mercy College Transition Programme (in partnership with eye4education LLP) has been designed to simply achieve the following: raise the excitement and challenge the barriers / obstacles of moving to post primary school, especially amongst primary 6 and 7 children in the local area.

This is completed through the provision of tailored services centralised on each individual primary school’s needs and requirements.

Below are some examples of services that can be provided by Mercy College as part of the transition programme.
Additional options are available upon request and if within expertise of the School.