Mercy College School Council is the ‘VOICE’ of the student body. It comprises a group of students who meet regularly to discuss issues brought to them by students and staff. The overall aim is to make improvements that will impact positively on the student experience at Mercy College. The School Council involves students from all year groups.

The School Council allows us to:
• Express our views;
• Express the views of other students in our Year group;
• Put forward ideas for potential changes to our school.

BENEFITS to Students
• Mercy College School Council helps students develop in many ways as we are:

• Learning about DEMOCRACY;

• Gaining confidence to speak out in front of others

• Gaining friends in different Year groups

• Feeling that our views are important

• Feeling a part of our school community

• Learning to be responsible citizens of our school community and wider community (beyond the school)

Members of the Junior Student Council:

student council photos

Liam | Year 8
student council photos3

Manisha | Year 9
student council photos2

Rhiannon | Year 8
student council photos4

Alex | Year 9

student council photos6

Fionnula | Year 10
student council photos5

Alicia | Year 10 | Deputy
student council photos7

Aimee | Year 10

Members of the Senior Student Council:

student council photos8

Katie | Year 14
student council photos9

Rachel | Year 14
student council photos10

Natalia | Year 14

student council photos11

Leah | Year 12
student council photos12

Eimear | Year 11
student council photos13

Rachel | Year 12

HOW can I have MY SAY?
Contact a member of the School Council - we would love to hear from you!
Meetings are held in the careers room at Break-time on Tuesdays!